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The best part about training with Maria is that she prioritized the activities that I enjoyed the most to the workouts that she made me do. She introduced me to pole dance training, one of my new favorites, and mixed circuit workouts with boxing which is what I wanted to start doing again. Maria is a great, motivating trainer and lots of fun to work with!


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Since the moment I started my journey, Maria was there and instantly knew that she’d be the one to help me through my journey just like that she knew! As the training sessions have gone on, my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically (I can now do lunges back to back without complaining lol) and I am now able to perform exercises that I would have never attempted on my own! She has built my confidence level up in general and also making me believe I can get the body I truly want. 
Maria is willing to share her knowledge and answer any of my dorky questions and her knowledge on nutrition is admirable.
Maria’s sessions are always fun, I mean at the beginning it was a bit intense but as the sessions went on she made them more fun and wasn’t always doing the same stuff, she’d always mix it up so it doesn’t get boring.
I’d 100% recommend Maria, she’s just so lovely not only is she a pt but she’s a friend too for sure!



Very enthusiastic and adjusts the training program to everybody's personal needs.


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Maria is an excellent trainer! I knew from our first session that she really understood my goals and how to help me achieve them - her workouts were always challenging and fun and it was clear she'd put a lot of thought into them. I also found her really supportive - she pushed me quite hard at times but she was always so happy when I nailed a move or lifted a new weight that all of my achievements really seemed to be her achievements as well - it felt like team effort! I really, really couldn't recommend her highly enough!



Maria is amazing, I have lost soo much weight. She is motivating, encouraging and so professional. She has given me countless tips to help manage my weight, eating habits and health. I'm on my way to being better all round thanks to her! Highly recommended! And great value for money. Worth every penny.


It was absolutely amazing working with Maria. I can really see the improvements and I feel much better! She is very professional and easy to communicate. I recommend working with Maria for everyone who wants to be healthier. Thank you Maria


Maria is very dedicated and attentive to her clients needs. She clearly loves her job and this can be perceived through each session. You will not be disappointed!


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